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A car loan with a bad credit query can not be applied for at any German bank, savings bank or Volksbank. All of these banks are legally obliged to obtain Credit Bureau information from customers who apply for a car loan or an installment loan. Otherwise, the loan can neither be approved nor paid out. If you have a regular income, you can use various alternatives. This includes a bad credit car loan near me.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a car loan with or without a Credit Bureau query, it would be very important to do a comparison before choosing a lender. A comparison portal on the Internet is particularly suitable for this. Here you can not only get more detailed information about the credit providers but also about their conditions. This starts with the possible loan amount and the term and extends to the interest, which can be credit-dependent or credit-independent. Once the right loan offer has been found, the loan application can be made online. In the case of a loan from the car dealership, the personal application should be preferred.

Credit conditions

Many lenders appreciate it when the customer can make a larger down payment on the purchase price of the car. This reduces the loan amount and improves the credit rating. There are also other factors that can improve the customer’s creditworthiness. This can include various physical collateral or surety. A car loan without a Credit Bureau query is available as a classic car loan or as a car loan with a final installment. In the former case, the repayment rates remain the same during the term, in the latter case they are relatively small, whereas a high final rate has to be paid. It can be in the four-digit dollar range. Those who cannot repay this installment in one amount have the option of refinancing this installment with a car loan. Whether this can be a car loan without a Credit Bureau query depends on the bank’s loan conditions and the personal requirements of the borrower.